Hello, we are the Weiler's! We stumbled upon the Mastiff breed by chance and can, without a doubt, say that it was love at first sight. We live outside of Mount Vernon, Ohio on a small rural farm with our pack. Our Mastiffs are proof that the old saying, "gentle giants", isn't a myth in the least. Our dogs will first and forermost ALWAYS be our family. Our goal is to produce big and beautiful pet/show quality Mastiffs that possess loving family temperaments. We offer AKC registerable puppies, but please understand that we do not mass produce puppies, so puppies are not always available. Please take a look around our site and let us know if you have any questions at all. If you do not see what you want on our page please let us know and we may be able to help you find what you're looking for through our contacts. Thank you

"What the lion is to the cat, the Mastiff is to the dog, the noblest of the family: he stands alone, and all others sink before him. His courage does not exceed his temper and generosity, and in attachment he equals the kindest of his race."

Cynographia Britannica - 1800